My Cup Runneth Over

I was challenged to make a list-- a list of gifts that God gives in every day life.  Small things, big things, gifts that may be missed if I weren't making a list.  A way to grow thankfulness in me.  My hope is that putting it here on my blog, will prevent me from forgetting and letting it fall by the wayside along with oh so many good intentions.  And so I begin...
  1. coffee brought to my bedside
  2. exercise 
  3. a smiling face asking for breakfast
  4. clothes on the line
  5. kids rolling down a hill, laughing uncontrollably
  6. sunrise
  7. boy with book, "Mama! Wead!"
  8. a new calf
  9. nature walk with my kids
  10. a stream etched through the pasture- endless fascination
  11. my mop
  12. my vacuum
  13. a free highchair
  14. wind chime
  15. a tall glass of sweet tea
  16. a table and area specifically for school
  17. changing diapers on my precious and oh so funny boy
  18. new carpet
  19. friend Tami
  20. friend Brenda
  21. friend (and volunteer babysitter) Melissa
  22. clean counters
  23. my church family
  24. tickling Reagan
  25. watching 3 older ones pulling the youngest in a wagon
  26. a 10-year-old who still calls me "Mommy"
  27. surprising a friend with a gift
  28. at Awana Cubbies, little Hailey calls me "Ms. Dul-slee"
  29. opinionated, strong-willed girls  (future strong women!!!)
  30. in the midst of sickness, a warm bed, a cool cloth, & husband-turned-nurse
  31. in the wake of wrenching sickness, relieved wellness
  32. houseplants flourishing despite neglect
  33. unexpected hugs
  34. clean floors, be it ever so brief
  35. boys' "battlefield" (aka dining room)
  36. a dishwasher
  37. my parents, their guidance... sometimes gentle, sometimes not
  38. my sisters & what they show me... about life, about myself
  39. leftovers
  40. loud music in the car, air guitars in the back seat
  41. classical music at home, dancers awhirl in the living room
  42. "I just love you, Mama."  ...just 
  43. canning jars
  44. long phone call with Mom
  45. Mom's perspective
  46. Cheerios-- what toddler could survive without them?
  47. husband -- farmer, accountant, Mr. Fix-It-- strength, doing whatever it takes
  48. husband -- lover, friend, dreamer, heart
  49. children -- mirrors, showing me myself (not usually the good part) and my place in God
  50. my children, caring for each other
  51. singing solos at church
  52. singing duets with Marian at church
  53. just singing!
  54. homemade pie crust
  55. church potluck dinner
  56. fellowship with precious ladies
  57. peanut butter
  58. having enough money at the grocery store
  59. "Will you read me a story, Mama?"
  60. "Can I help you cook, Mama?"
  61. "Can I go with you, Mama?"
  62. laundry, me-- dirty made clean, get it?
  63. memories of life before kids-- and not wanting to go back!!
  64. God is in control-- nothing escapes Him.
  65. homeschool and how it has changed my life, my perspective
  66. homemade bread-- the making, the smelling, the eating!
  67. teaching my daughter to make bread
  68. boy's first haircut
  69. a hymn, a prayer, "Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart..."  Be my eyes, Lord...
  70. baby boy "lost" at church-- and my church family just as sick as I was until he was found
  71. spring breeze through open windows
  72. watching sleeping children
  73. husband's shoulder rubs
  74. Awana Cubbies-- I'm the teacher, but oh how much I learn!
  75. telling Bible stories to young children-- and seeing them anew 
  76. hand-me-down clothes, given and received
  77. shiny sinks and faucets
  78. Christian radio
  79. "Wow!" moments-- when my kids 'get it', that look on their face
  80. realizing how poor I am, how rich God is, and how willing He is to give
  81. celebration at church, 17 years with Bro. Jimmy as pastor!
  82. tiny, bare feet slapping the floor as they run to find ME!
  83. birthdays
  84. flower gardens
  85. vegetable garden
  86. working as a family-- willingly or not!
  87. friends with problems just like me
  88. late nights with a quiet house
  89. long days with an active house!!
  90. God's creation:  Seemingly infinite variety!
  91. God's creation:  He spoke.  It became.  Down to the tiniest detail.
  92. God's creation:  From nothing, everything!
  93. God's creation:  Us-- formed by God himself with loving hands.
  94. dear friends around our table
  95. Easter.  Alleluia!  He is risen, risen indeed!!
  96. sisters playing Barbies
  97. a good parking spot!
  98. giving a smile to a stranger--- and getting one back!
  99. hearing my kids memorize Bible verses
  100. made-from-scratch chocolate cake
  101. the ability to list 100 blessings!!  Ain't God good!
  102. the garden... soil, seeds, tiny life pushing through dirt
  103. baby talk
  104. my special homemade Mother's Day card, yearly
  105. ticklish kids
  106. playtime for the whole family
  107. 11 years watching Marian grow beautiful
  108. peanut butter frosting
  109. sweet words from a near-stranger
  110. fresh broccoli and cauliflower from the garden
  111. time to yard sale
  112. learning history with my kids
  113. a washing machine repaired!!
  114. gifts from Amy
  115. Fact:  God always provides.
  116. card games
  117. Ellie-- 6 years of sunshine
  118. Reagan, a constant question, "Wha's 'at?"
  119. imagination
  120. a good book... and the time to read it
  121. warm days, however scarce
  122. cold days, earth's yearly rest
  123. discussing and explaining Romans 12:1 and seeing it with new eyes
  124. fresh tomatoes.. in November!?!
  125. Andrew, vibrant and strong, my soccer champ
  126. clean hotel rooms!
  127. somewhat dingy hotel rooms when you just can't drive another mile
  128. vacations at my old homeplace
  129. detours with purpose, aka field trips
  130. kids' fort, rebuilt and better than ever!
  131. just-right pillow
  132. encouragement
  133. apples, tart, crisp
  134. homemade soup on a cold, rainy day
  135. children washing dishes, bantering
  136. dark moods conquered
  137. biscuits, jam-- need I say more?
  138. our pediatrician, friend, willing to take my calls personally
  139. curtains
  140. crock pots
  141. sheet-tents spread over living room furniture
  142. Marian, warm and friendly, making others feel welcome
  143. Friend Kim
  144. no-spill cups
  145. pumpkin cookies-- unbelievable yum!
  146. autumn days, running over with joyous activity
  147. 2 of my kids swept and swiffered my floors to surprise me!
  148. 10 years of life with our gift Andrew
  149. friends on Thanksgiving
  150. Marine Thomas home on leave
  151. clean sheets
  152. soft answers-- turning away wrath
  153. 10 pounds lost!!
  154. new socks
  155. New Year's Eve party-- friends, games, laughter
  156. being a homeschool mom!.. 
  157. ...and learning so much more than I did the first time around!
  158. bird feeders
  159. cheerful helpers in the kitchen
  160. kids' humor
  161. giving my 3 fellas haircuts
  162. Marian's first vocal solo
  163. Friday visits with a dear friend
  164. uplifting words from that same friend
  165. baby calves
  166. bulbs, pushing new growth up through frozen soil
  167. Reagan, "Stay me, Mamma."
  168. soapy, silly, splashing kids in the tub
  169. new friends
  170. 11 years with Andrew, thoughtful, hard worker, generous brother
  171. field trips
  172. hiking
  173. running in the early morning
  174. health
  175. decorating the Christmas tree with my kids
  176. fruit baskets at church
  177. Christmas shopping with my husband
  178. bird feeders
  179. coffee, friend, laughter
  180. 7+ New Year's Eve parties with friends
  181. a dusting of snow...
  182. ...and kids so excited to see snow that they attempt sledding and snow angels even in such a meager covering!

(Inspirations for this list are found here at Ann Voskamp's site.  It may take me a very long time to log 1000 things, but here I go!)

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