Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow Day

After many false alarms, a couple weeks ago, we finally had enough snow accumulation to allow us some playtime.
 After a nearly a couple of hours outside, I started urging the kids that we should go inside and have some hot chocolate.  Reagan was especially against this idea, but finally relented.  Once inside for just a few minutes, he told me that his feet felt tingly.  He had been so cold that his feet had been numb but he still did not want to go inside!  What a trooper!

 We went sledding again after lunch.  I joined the kids on the sleds so didn't take any more pictures.  Late that afternoon, the girls had had enough, but the boys went back out a third time to build a tiny, but cute, snowman.
  It was getting dark before they came back in.  Those two just can't get enough of the white stuff!
That day sure did test the limits of my hot chocolate supply!

Game Night

Game night with some or all of the kids is always a blast, but we've had a couple good ones lately with just the younger two, while Marian and Andrew have attended some exciting basketball games at the local high school.  Here's a glimpse at the hilarity.
First, Hi-Ho Cherry-O with goggles.  If you don't understand this, you've never played the game with this guy!
 Then a rousing game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, one of Reagan's favorites.  Goggles wouldn't be such a bad idea here, either!
 Uh-oh!  It looks like Ellie's hippo is still hungry!
Now, on to Hedbanz.  Check this out: an ant and a watermelon.  Does this strike anyone else as funny?
Also, if you've never played Hedbanz with three-year-old, you should!  At this age, Reagan has no idea what process of elimination means... or yes/no questions... or accumulating knowledge from one round to the next.  He's hilarious!  It didn't take long to realize that he was just making guesses based on what he saw on everyone else's foreheads, which made it really easy to guess your own card.  My telling of it may not do it justice, but trust me, we laughed 'til our faces hurt.
And one last look at our crazy cherry picker...

Monday, February 17, 2014

4th Annual Family Valentine's Dinner!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
With this being such a busy time of year for Dwayne, we have in recent years, given up the idea of a date on Valentine's Day.  Instead, we have made it a family affair!
The kids made the decorations... even Reagan got in on it this year.  Then, we worked together to rename all our menu items to go along with our Valentine's theme. (Ellie really got on board with this this year!)  The girls wrote out menus; Andrew helped me get the decorations put up.  This is really a group effort every year, and something the kids look forward to... and so do I!

So this year, we had...
Hearts on Fire Peppered Steak
Give me A-more Salad
Wild About You Rice
Wrapped Up in Love Crescent Rolls
Red Lip Kisses on Spice Cake

All of that translates to pepper-crusted steak; romaine salad with tomatoes, toasted almond slices, shredded Swiss and Parmesan, a little bacon, and a olive oil/lemon juice dressing; wild rice; crescent rolls with cream cheese and dry ranch mix rolled up inside before baking (yum-wow!); sweet tea (of course); and tomato spice cake with cream cheese frosting and red lips (or my best attempt at red lips) piped on top with red frosting.

We hope your Valentine's Day was as love-ly as was ours!!