Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer blessings

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
One day's garden pickin's (and the first tomato of the year!)

Praise Him all creatures here below!
Baby bluebird

Our developing  froglet
Praise Him above ye heavenly host!
June sunset
 Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Dwayne in the zucchini
Cecil watering the corn and tomatoes
We are so thankful for all the blessings that overflow from our garden and field on a daily basis!  It's a lot of sweat and hard work, but what a payoff!  

Friday, June 29, 2012

One week, Three Birthdays

We have certainly had our fill of birthday cake!!  First, my turn.  Can you believe my wonderful husband made me a birthday cake... from scratch... by himself?  Amazing, huh?  And yummy!
I had a beautiful birthday!

Next, it was Marian's turn.  11?  Really?  Surely not!  As usual, Mar wanted cupcakes, and as is our family custom, we had to have her age written out with candy.  Quite a festive look!

A little help with a few candles for Marian...


...and more help with more candles for Cecil!

Dwayne's father finished up this birthday parade with a milestone: 75!  His sister came over to help us celebrate.  Another wonderful birthday!

Dwayne, Ellie, Marian, Andrew, Phyllis (Cecil's sister), Cecil, and Reagan
 For a week, everyone gets all the cake they can eat...
then it's back to the real world! ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tennessee Aquarium Fun

Marian, Ellie, Sunshine, Reagan, Andrew, Tristen

Friend Amy and I escorted six excited kids through the aquarium a little while back.

What a fun day we had-- exploring, pointing, laughing, just taking in all the variety that God created for us!

It's impossible to say which part the kids liked best... or the moms for that matter!

Best Pals
Andrew and Tristen enjoyed the computer stations at the shark tank. Reagan couldn't get enough of the turtles and alligator in the Delta Exhibit. Marian is always captivated by the butterflies. And Sunshine and Ellie loved seeing the penguins in their rookeries.

One thing is certain: all six kids were overjoyed to play in the waterway outside the aquarium.

How big WAS that turtle?  Hope it wasn't a snapper!
Note to self...
An idea for a future fun trip to Chattanooga would be to let the kids play in the aquarium waterway and the water fountains at Coolidge Park, ride the carousel-- also at Coolidge Park, and maybe visit the playground on the way home. All that almost for free!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

V is for Vegetable

While not quite as popular as the C is for Cow Dairy Party, we all enjoyed a V is for Vegetable party as part of Ellie's phonics class.  (Except for poor Mar who was a bit under the weather that day.)
We took the opportunity to try some new things... at least to my kids.  We ventured our first taste of snow peas (raw here, steamed later on), raw mushrooms, and red bell pepper.  And what a surprise, Reagan loved the broccoli!  Like I said, it was not the raving success of the Dairy Party, but whenever you can get your kids to try new veggies, it's a good day, right?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the Tub

There is nothing quite like happy kids in the tub!  Ellie & Reagan certainly make the most of it! 
This one was just too funny... Ellie with a toy boat on her head like a helmet.  Oh, the squeals and giggles!
Never lacking for blog material around here...

Thoughts at a Wedding

My girls and I attended a friend's wedding recently.  It was, oh, so hot, as you can see in the girls' red faces!  But despite the heat, the day was beautiful and the wedding was gorgeous! During the reception, the girls helped refill the platters on the cookie table.  They were pleased to help in such a grown-up way.
Marian and Ellie with friend, Audrey
Ellie & Jack
Admittedly, Ellie was more interested in playing the yard games and guzzling lemonade than she was in refilling cookie platters (lol), but a good time was had by all.  I couldn't quite persuade either of them to dance... at least not on the dance floor, but they had their own area out in the yard where they danced only when they thought no one was looking.  (Wish I had some precious pictures of that!)
In the midst of the party, I couldn't help but have some Mamma thoughts... about the beautiful bride, about how fast my girls are growing, about how long it's been since I was the bride and how soon I could be the mother of the bride!!!  It's a wonder I didn't run screaming out of the reception!
Well, Bailey & Ryan, may God richly bless your marriage.  We are all certainly blessed to know you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time to Pay Up!!

So this was the deal.  If all the kids finished and reviewed their Awana books this year, we would all do something special as a family.  Well, the kids upheld their end of the deal, so now it's time to pay up!  Here we are holding up our end of the deal... June 1, Lake Winnie Amusement Park!!
Ready for the fun to start!
Ellie and Reagan had plenty of 'kiddie' rides to choose from, but Marian and Andrew had more daring things in mind!

Pirate Ship

On the Pirate Ship, Marian just about had more than she could take.  But the Gravitron was a favorite.  She and Drew hit it over and over.  Here they are just to the right of the center pin.

I now understand why my mom never went with me to the State Fair.  My heart was in my throat!

Beautiful smiles!

Fun at the water park!

 Dwayne talked me into going on the roller coaster with him.
I'm sure this is not the highest coaster I've ever been on, but it's been a long time since then!  I was so scared!  I'm glad Marian took this picture before the ride, not after it!
 Everyone had to hit the giant slide, but it looks like Reagan got the most out of it!  Just look at that face! 
Dwayne & Reagan
We had a great day!  It was so wonderful just to be a family and have fun together!

Awana Awards Night

Awana finished up last month and we are so proud of our kids!!  Ellie finished her book, then reviewed the whole thing.  Marian and Andrew both finished their books, reviewed them, and completed all the extra credit work! 
Marian with the Timothy Award & her leaders
Ellie with her book award & her leader
Andrew with the Alpha Award & his leader

Daddy's Little Helper

Little Rig & Daddy
What could be more precious?

Bird's Nest

 Look what some poor misguided bird left for us!  A perfect little nest in the tractor engine!

We watched for mama bird to come back, but no such luck, poor thing!