Friday, May 30, 2014

May Happenings

 Just one post to recap the whole month.
Let's start with my wonderful blessings on Mother's Day...
1. Marian, leader
2. Andrew, builder
3. Ellie, artist
4. Reagan, action hero

and last, but not least, Man o' Mine, Dwayne!

These five conspired together to make a very special Mother's Day meal.  Dwayne sneaked away at some point in the previous couple of days and bought shrimp and scallops.  Wow-yum.  A rare treat, indeed!  They were seasoned and grilled perfectly and accompanied by salad and roasted cauliflower.  Again, wow-yum.  He needs to cook more often!

In the day-to-day of things...
The kids picked out plants for their flower pots, with Reagan and Andrew collaborating this year.  The results were three gorgeous additions to the front porch, but it seems I didn't get any pictures of the finished products.  Hmm, guess I'll have to remedy that.

Another project Mar and Drew are tackling is refinishing the rockers from the front porch.  All except Reagan got busy with the sanding process, then two chairs had to be painted while the two other chairs and the porch swing needed polyurethane.  Dwayne (my accountant-turned-semiprofessional-painter)  took on the painting job; Marian and Andrew were each assigned a rocker; I did the swing.
Again, I've failed to take pictures of the finished project.  Ugh.  Trust me when I tell you that all the seating on the porch is in much better shape now.
Lastly, I have some budding chefs
Adding noodles to the soup-- one at a time! (grin) 

Determined to make a strawberry cake-- whether I was ready or not!
and one very determined student of bicycling!
Pedaling is tricky business!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birth Announcement

"Excuse me!  We have kittens!"
Such was Reagan's exact announcement last Thursday, May 1st, in the middle of our homeschool morning.  How exciting!!  Of course, we all went running, knocking each other out of the way, trying to be the first to the laundry basket where we had prepared a comfy place for Calli's needs.
What a precious scene!
So we have five little ones:  a yellow and white; a black and white; a gray striped; and two calicos- one looking very much like mama kitty and the other all-over black with yellow and white here and there (called a tortoise-shell calico, I'm told).  We are very excited and Mama Calli is doing a great job!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ballet, Year 1

We have come to the end of the girls' first year of ballet lessons.  I have been so thankful that they have had this opportunity and hope that we can continue next year.
From the beginning, Ellie took to it like a duck to water.  She knew her teacher's names, her fellow students' names, and nearly every dance step from the very first lesson.  Not that she had perfect form by any means, but the desire was there.  She donned her ballet shoes and leotard for multiple private performances in our living room (and made up little tickets and play bills, even!)
Mar, on the other hand, found the adjustment to be a little more difficult.  I kind of anticipated that.  I would imagine it's a challenge to start ballet at the age of twelve when all the other girls in your class have been taking lessons since they were four.  But better to start at age twelve than never to start at all!  At some point in the spring semester, I could tell Marian was coming around.  I wish I had a video of their recital performances that I could post.  They both did so well! Next year perhaps, I can do better at my duties as ballet mom!


Easter is the best time of year!  
Spring arrives.  
Nature wakens from somber winter sleep.
And the Son warms my heart with the knowledge, "He is risen!  Risen, indeed!"
I love Easter.
This was Marian's first year of being "too old" to join the candy hunt at church
so she did the big sister thing and helped Reagan find all the really good stuff.
Ellie (aka Hey-Mom-Take-My -Picture Girl) would not stop to pose.
She actually said to me, "Not now, Mom!  I'm too busy!"
What's this?  The Blue Shirt Brigade?  And Drew, looking far too much like a young man!
 Adding to the joy of Easter this year (in a strictly materialistic way)  was a lovely shopping trip with Marian whereupon we each bought a new dress.  We've done this... well, never!  So it was a real treat!
 Happy Easter!  I pray that you, too, know the joy of our risen Savior!