Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Run, Mar, run!

At the start line
This past summer, Marian has been training to run a 5K with me.  Yea!  This past Saturday was The Big Day, a color run to benefit the Women's Care Center.

Marian started out the morning saying she did not want to get any color on her.  I assured her that she could just detour around the color stations during the course of the run, no problem.  Well, my mischievous side got the better of me... that, and I truly didn't want Marian's uncertainty to cause her to miss out on any of the fun.  Before the race, all the runners have fun "coloring" each other, and I found a couple of Mar's friends that were all too willing to let her share in the fun.  So here's how she looked before the race even started.   I couldn't be prouder!

Marian is a blue blur approaching the finish line!
As for the actual 5K, we didn't manage to run the whole way, but this one was just about finishing.  And finish, we did!  Dwayne and the rest of the kids were all waiting at the finish line to cheer us on and take our picture.  As you can see, we definitely did not bypass the color stations!
Check out the green "gloves"!!

Then the whole family went to 
Huddle House for breakfast.  
Now that's a good way to start the day!

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